Product Safety

Product-Safety-Business-UnitsTerex is committed to producing products and services that help improve the lives of people around the world, while providing a fair return on the investment of our shareholders.

We do this by continually challenging the status quo and working with our customers to meet their changing needs with innovative, cost effective solutions.

Just as safety is priority one for our team members, it is also priority one for our customers.  We employ rigorous safety standards and practices to help ensure the safe and effective operation of all of our products.

Product Safety

Terex is committed to designing, manufacturing and selling safe products. All Terex products are designed and manufactured to be in compliance with the standards and regulations applicable to the product. It is essential that all team members be committed to fulfilling this mission. It is a goal of all Terex team members to enhance the safety of customers and other product users by producing safe products. To accomplish this, each team member is required to perform all work relating to Terex products with complete integrity, diligence, and care.

Each of our business units is primarily responsible for designing, manufacturing and selling safe products. Terex also has a team dedicated to product safety consisting of our Director of Product Safety and other product safety engineers. The Product Safety Team is responsible for ensuring that the Terex product safety commitment is followed and that all product safety issues related to our products are addressed. The Product Safety Team has the authority to cause changes in design to improve the safe use of our products and to direct product campaigns, retrofits and recalls when necessary.