Code of Ethics & Conduct

Terex believes that its reputation is among its most valuable assets. It sets the tone for the relationships that a company enjoys with its team members, customers, suppliers, shareholders, the communities in which it operates, the public at large and its competitors. Terex is committed to the practice of good ethics and conduct among its officers, directors and team members. This commitment has many aspects, including avoiding conflicts of interest, maintaining confidentiality of information, ensuring compliance with laws, fostering a work atmosphere of mutual respect, properly using company assets and observing accounting and control procedures to ensure accurate recording, dissemination and reporting of information. To further these commitments, Terex maintains the position of Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer. The position of Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer is occupied by either our General Counsel or another individual with executive-level qualifications and experience sufficient for this position. For further information on the responsibilities and duties of the Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer click here. 

The ethical behavior of Terex and its team members takes precedence over profits, sales or other standards of success. We believe that ethical conduct is not only right, but also will result in success for Terex.

Terex maintains a written Code of Ethics and Conduct that applies to Terex team members worldwide and reflects our expectation that all of our team members act at all times in a responsible, legal and ethical manner. Our Code is available in 12 languages via the links below. 

»  View the Terex Code of Ethics and Conduct (English 2.8. MB, .pdf)

»   ميثاق تيركس للأخلاقيات والسلوك (Arabic, 3.4 MB, .pdf)

»   特雷克斯道德和行为准则 (Chinese, 8.6 MB, .pdf)

»   De Code voor Ethiek en Gedrag van Terex (Dutch, 2.8 MB, .pdf)

»  TEREXIN EETTINEN OHJEISTO (Finnish, 3.8, .pdf)

»   Code de déontologie et de conduite de Terex (French, 2.9 MB, .pdf)

»  Der Terex Ethik und Verhaltenskodex (German, 2.9 MB, .pdf)

»   Terex की आचार और व्यवहार संहिताt (Hindi, 4.2 MB, .pdf)


»   Codice norme etiche e di condotta Terex (Italian, 2.9 MB, .pdf)

»  TEREX の倫理行動規範 (Japanese, 5.0 MB, .pdf)

»   Tataetika Dan Tatakelakuan Terex (Malay, 2.9 MB, .pdf)


»   Código de Ética e Conduta da Terex (Portuguese, 2.9 MB, .pdf)

»   Código de Ética y Conducta de Terex (Spanish, 3.1 MB, .pdf)

»  หลัักจรรยาบรรณและแนวทางการดำำ.เนิินธุุรกิิจของ TEREX (Thai, 3.7 MB, .pdf)

» Bộ Quy tắc Đạo đức và Ứng xử của Terex (Vietnamese, 2.68 MB, .pdf)


Supplier Code of Conduct

>> View the Supplier Code of Conduct (English, 241 KB, .pdf)

Visit our Responsible Sourcing page for supplier-related disclosures.