Asset Utilization

Terex offers service and support for its products to help maximize uptime and improve utilization of customer fleets 


Connected Assets & IoT

Both fleets and individual assets become more efficient when they are closely monitored through the use of telematics.  And, more efficient management of assets translates to fewer (but more powerful) total assets required to support market needs.  There is an IoT leader in the Materials Processing segment, where more than 2,000 units have already been connected and are actively monitored.  AWP has supported customer telematics for years and recently launched its own branded hardware & software solution.  




Global Service & Support

Another driver of fleet and asset efficiency is the proactivity and promptness of service and support that Terex provides to its customers.   Telematics will change many of the processes in service, but the deployment of talented team members and the development of distributors and service partners are essential to address service requirements promptly.  The services provided by our team members and distributor network keep customers productive while also reducing overall environmental impact.




Parts & Parts Logistics

Effective parts and parts logistics are also critical to fleet and asset efficiency.  By stocking the right parts, storing close to the predicted point of need and by operating parts operations effectively, Terex is able to continuously improve the speed and accuracy with which it fills parts orders.  Increased speed and accuracy in parts operations directly translates into greater customer uptime and a more productive use of assets and resources as a result.