Resource Efficiency

Terex products are used in applications that help make the world safer and more ecologically responsible


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Alternative Energy

Customers rely on our products to help support renewable energy.  Terex® Ecotec chippers and CBI® grinders create pulp that is used to produce pellets for wood energy as well as help sort waste that is used to power waste-to-energy plants.  Genie® lifts and telehandlers are used in the installation and maintenance of solar roofs.  Without our products, these applications would be impractical or far less efficient for customers to perform.


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Grid Power Reliability

Modern life depends on access to electrical power, and the large majority of this power is distributed through local and national power grids.  When weather or other events cause these grids to fail, people’s lives become endangered.  Although generators are used as backup systems during power outages, they are temporary and less efficient means of generating electricity.  Utility crews use Terex® aerial devices and digger derricks to help build and maintain our power grids and quickly return them to service when they fail.


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Scrap Handling / Recycling

Terex Materials Processing segment offers many products that are used extensively in the recovery of useful materials from various types of waste.  Fuchs® material handlers feed complex material (scrap steel, forestry waste, demolition waste, …) into downstream equipment, like our CBI® grinders, Terex® Ecotec shredders and trommels, and mobile crushing and screening equipment from our Powerscreen®, Finlay®, and Evoquip® brands.  This downstream equipment then size reduces and separates the material into “money piles” or stacks of consistent material that can then be repurposed or recycled.  Without the processing performed by our Company’s equipment, much of the material being processed would end up in landfills or be incinerated.