Safety and Environmental Impact

Terex products are designed to meet ever-increasing standards for user safety and environmental impact while in use


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Electric / Hybrid Electric

Terex is active in the development of incorporating alternative power solutions within its different product lines.  In complying with environmental standards, customers are seeking out products that operate on battery-electric and fuel-electric hybrid options.  Many of our Genie® lift models have electric or hybrid options that are designed to produce virtually no noise and air pollution during operation which is necessity for indoor working environments.  We offer crushers and screens that can operate from electrical power supply lines to help reduce the use of fuel.  Hybrid solutions are also available on select utility aerial devices, cranes and mixer trucks that use battery power to perform certain equipment  functions without the need to have the engine running.  Overall, we believe that these developments are the leading edge of much greater change to the way that the equipment of the future will be powered.  Terex has taken the lead on many of these developments within the industries that it serves and will continue to evolve its approach to alternative, environmentally-friendly equipment power as technical capabilities advance, as solution economics improve, and as customer demand for these solutions continues to increase.



Products and Features Designed for Operator Safety

We develop products and features that help operators perform their tasks efficiently and safely.  As manufacturing technology progresses and to meet customer demand, we are able to design mobile elevated work platforms that can reach great heights and lengths while safely carrying workers and their tools like our Genie® XC™ series boom lifts.  As operators utilize Genie® MEWPs for more elaborate tasks, secondary protection options were developed such as the Lift Guard™ contact alarm system, the Operator Protective Structure (OPS), and Fall Arrest Bar to help keep operators safe if they ever become unaware of hazards in their working environment.  In some of our other products, such as tower cranes mobile cranes, material handlers and mixer trucks, we work to help improve operator visibility by continually evolving the design of the operator cab.  This helps keep the operator and the surrounding work site safe while helping the operator perform their task efficiently. As we continue to develop new products and features, we will always consider the safety of the operators who use our equipment.



Equipment Automation

Automating equipment can help keep the operator safe and boost work efficiency.  A great example of this is our Materials Processing segment’s recently  released OMNI by Terex system.  The system is designed to help improve jobsite safety and efficiency in operating crushing and screening equipment.  It does this by remotely accessing equipment controls from each individual machine on a tablet computer that can be operated from the cab of an excavator that feeds material to the chain of machines. The OMNI by Terex system virtually eliminates the safety risk to operators as they are no longer need to leave the comfort and safety of the excavator cab to make adjustments to each individual machine.  This also helps improve chain performance as adjustments are made more quickly.  Solutions like the OMNI by Terex system are also being explored in other Terex product lines, including Terex® Fuchs material handlers and Terex® tower cranes.