Work Simplification

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Mobile Materials Processing

Over the past several decades, the Terex Materials Processing segment has been quietly leading a revolution in how complex material is processed.  This revolution involves transitioning customer value chains from traditional central processing of material to dramatically more efficient solutions that bring mobile processing equipment to the material source.  Central processing involves loading unprocessed material into trucks, hauling this material to processing centers, and unloading the material at the processing center before processing it into finished product that can be sold.  Our mobile crushing and screening solutions replace both loading steps as well as transportation to the center.  Mobile processing dramatically reduces the environmental impact of processing rock, C&D waste, land clearing debris, and forestry waste, as a result.



Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs) vs. Scaffolding

Prior to the introduction of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) in the 1970s, construction industry professionals relied almost exclusively on ladders and scaffolding to access major work at height projects. In the decades since their introduction, MEWPs have become increasingly common and  have a number of advantages over scaffolding systems, to improve jobsite safety, access and productivity. MEWPs allow for most jobs to be completed in the same or less time, with fewer workers than scaffolding requires. Once offloaded at the jobsite and inspected in accordance with the operators manual, a self-propelled MEWP can be driven to the worksite to begin work. Scaffolding must be manually transported to the worksite after curbside delivery, and may require coordination with a third party that specializes in the erecting/dismantling of scaffolding systems. MEWPs, such as Genie® scissor lifts and boom lifts, provide large platforms designed to transport workers, their tools and their supplies, to platform heights up to 180 ft in under six minutes.  The use of MEWPs help workers be efficient, safe while working at heights, and reduce work environment hazards such as noise and air emissions when using electric or hybrid units.