Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Terex is a competitive business that is committed to attracting, developing, and retaining strong talent.  We embrace diversity across a variety of dimensions and see it as a key to our success.  We believe that diversity in such dimensions as race, ethnicity, gender, culture, experience, and thought will ensure better decision-making and create a workplace where we continuously improve and innovate.  

Diversity in and of itself is not sufficient. We strive to be fair and impartial in our decisions, ensuring Equity within our workplace. And we know that creating a culture of Inclusion and belonging for all our team members is essential. We are committed to all three elements of DEI so we can make Terex the kind of place where every team member feels valued, listened to, and appreciated.

We also established a DEI Global Governance Council to provide leadership and support and launched global affinity groups across a variety of dimensions to promote connection and belonging.  They include:

  • ADAPT (Abled and Disabled Allies Partnering Together)
  • BRIDGE (Building Relationships in Diverse Group Environments)
  • Early Talent
  • Multilingual Speakers
  • Parents and Caregivers
  • Military Veterans
  • Virtual Workforce
  • Women at Terex
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our Workforce

At Terex, we are committed to increasing and retaining demographic diversity at all levels of our global workforce. We value team members of every race, gender, age, religion, identity or experience. We encourage, value and support non-majority team members in all of our facilities worldwide. We actively seek their engagement and partnership, as we understand that diversity of thought and experience leads to improved problem-solving and greater innovation.

Terex Parts

Our Workplace

Our culture is defined by our Terex Way values – Integrity, Respect, Improvement, Servant Leadership, Courage and Citizenship. Our values of Respect and Improvement guide us to maintain an inclusive, supportive, equitable, and safe workplace, and to encourage and embrace diverse voices. We foster an environment in which all of our team members have the opportunity to reach their full potential in support of Terex goals. As a result, our workplace is richer and stronger, and we can work as one team to thrive and succeed.

Our Marketplace

Our Marketplace

As a global manufacturing company, we partner with customers and suppliers around the world. We believe it is essential to Respect the diversity of these valued partners. We emphasize cultural competence and conduct our business appropriately and with the highest of ethical standards wherever we operate. We also encourage our team members to volunteer in the communities where they work and live. By doing all of the above, we remain true to our Terex Way values of Integrity and Citizenship.